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Hey Patriot,

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a love for God, country and history. You have a moral compass you just can’t shake. Your very will is grounded and founded on honor, and integrity. Not only that, you have an obsession for the truth. You’re an investigator. You can smell lies from a mile away.

The events transpiring today bring absolute disgust into your soul. Your inner patriot is shouting at the roof tops, wondering:

“What can I do?”

We understand. It’s tough. The thought of having your freedom slowly stripped away angers and frustrates you. Yet you’re left with little education or instruction on what YOU practically can do to expose and defeat this corruption WITHOUT putting yourself at risk. Well, for the very first time, you’re about to get the exact tools you need to do it.

All-Inclusive Learning Experience

Learn how to preserve America’s God-given freedoms, expose fake and biased news reports, plus defeat corrupt local politicians without putting your life or family at risk.

Expert Tutors

Our team of trainers and educators are second to none. We have compiled leaders in their perspective fields that are eager to share their knowledge with you!

Anytime. Anywhere

Your time is precious, and we know you’re busy. Our unique curriculum puts you in control of when you train.

Affordable Rates

We strive to keep costs low. We aren’t trying to get rich; we’re trying to save our God given liberties.


Our top packages include a year's subscription to EncounterTruth's Premiere membership, along with over 7 Venues where you will receive weekly briefings from: Trevor Loudon, Clare Lopez, Elisabeth Sabaditch-Wolff and more!

Exclusive Courses

Learn the dangers from within and outside our country and what you can do to take action.


Learn how to identify and map out hostile networks in the local community  and to re-establish a republican form of government at the local level.


Learn about the activities and infiltration of Hezbollah and other designated terror organizations in America and around the world. 

Learn the importance of civic engagement at the local level, how to impact our local governing bodies as they drift toward compromise with Marxism, and accommodation of Shariah compliant Muslims.
Learn the importance of understanding Shariah law for all Muslims ; how it affects relations with other cultures, how it affects women, and why it cannot change or be altered to comply with our Constitution.

Amazing Trainers

Our highly informed trainers, get to the depth of the matters to teach you just what you need in order to take the appropriate actions in our society today. Here’s some of our top trainers….

John Bennett
Peggy Mast
John Scaled.jpg
John Guandolo
Clare Lopez.jpeg
Clare Lopez

All-Inclusive Memberships

With a few options to choose from for your training, and education. Each one of our all-inclusive packages are packed full of amazing options for you! No matter how you want to level up, we got you covered!




Membership access is on a recurring subscription.




Membership access is on a recurring subscription.




One time payment for lifetime availability.

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National security training has never been so easy!
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